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From the idea to the API, and the prototype to the industrial solution!

At siliceum , we support our clients in the shift to Cloud technologies and High Performance Computing, with a strong focus on innovation!

Because we refuse to move montains for small tasks, we tailor our software solutions to your needs.

idea to prototype illustration

From the idea to the prototype

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform?

Are you in the process of designing your software architecture and do not know what Cloud solution is best for your needs? What are their strengths and how do you integrate them to your software?

What are the differences between AWS Lambda, EC2, Batch, ParallelCluster? When is it time to switch to or from a dedicated server? Is an hybrid system possible?

Do not stay without support while making those decisions.

Using our knowledge and tools, do not wait to validate your choices.


From the proof of concept to the final product

From the Function As A Service to a custom server architecture

You laid the foundations but are having issues scaling up? This requires to devise new approaches. The data volume is too big or the response latency of your application is not good enough?

Deploying massive and expensive solutions due to an over-scaled or over-reaching planning can have disastrous impacts on a project!

At siliceum, we are specialised in High Performance solutions.
It means that we use the tools most fitted to accelerate your process. From the analysis to distributed computations (multi-processors, multi-GPUs, multi-devices), we work toward deploying solutions fitting your needs.

On top of this technical expertise, we integrate those solutions to an entire ecosystem of tools, which enables the easy monitoring of your project with a strong focus on responsivness and quality: performance benchmarks, real-time monitoring, continuous integeration and deployment, unit tests, integration tests, ..

We aim to go beyond the simple prototype and build with robust integrated solutions, fitted to the project needs, maintainable, tested and documented.

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