Our Job

At siliceum, we assist you in the acceleration, industrialisation and upgrade of your business process, from cloud to real-time computing.

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Vector and Parallel processing

We take full control over the potential of your machine by using multi-threads algorithms and SIMD architectures, with a special consideration for memory optimisations and the machines capabilities.

Technologies: C++ 17, SIMD, Multi-threading, Intel ISPC, OpenMP.

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Beyond processors, our skillset allows us to take advantage of components suited to some kind of software, such as graphics cards.

This approach helps to reach significative performance improvements at competitive cost in comparison to the best performing CPUs, while making important energy savings.

Technologies: C++ 17, SIMD, Multi-threading, Intel ISPC, OpenMP.

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Distributed computing

When a single machine is not enough anymore, we are capable of offering solutions for distributing computation on multiple computers, using Cloud solutions. Profit from a massive acceleration by integrating on-demand scaling solutions.

Technologies: HPC, Slurm, Cloud Computing, AWS (Lambda, Batch, ParallelCluster), Azure, OpenMPI

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Data visualisation

More than just computing, benefit from a realtime visualisation of large datasets, with an ergonomy suited to your needs and highly interactive.

Technologies: OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan, WebGL, Angular, Grafana, D3.js

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To facilitate access to our high performance technologies, we adapt our products to your development ecosystem.

From web-friendly APIs (Rest, gRPC) to native libraries, we make it available for use with your preferred programming language.

Technologies: API (OpenAPI, AWS Gateway), Native libraries (C, C++, Java, Python, C#)